i’m new here, excuse the bad puns.

Hi there, and welcome to my craft blog. Chances are, you’ve stumbled here by some poor fortune on your part or it’s the future and I’ve completed something I wanted to share with people and you’ve gone backwards through my post history to find this. Either way, enjoy.

The idea here is that the boy-thing and I have had a productive summer, lots of repair and re-finish projects have sprung up. Mostly taken out of other people’s trash. We’ve learned a bunch of useful stuff like what kind of paint to use on rusty metals and that sometimes when people throw stuff away, they knew what they were doing and it probably should have stayed on the curb. We’ve also bored most of our friends and family with too much chatter about what we’re working on at the moment, so I thought I’d throw together a blog so I can release this energy into the blogosphere. I’ll be posting about my own projects, local crafts, things I love and starting a year-long sewing project I’ll explain later.

Anyway. I did a project this weekend I’ll be sharing in my next post to kick things off. Thanks for reading!


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