vinyl remix: update with more photos

Trent pointed out that my last post was a bit photo-bland. I took a lot of photos of the process, but WordPress seemingly was struggling that day, so I didn’t get them all up here. Also, I finished the last two bags:

Look how much crap you can fit in there!

They’re pretty fun. Unless you’re making them. ANYWAY. I have a few of these available at the moment. Ones that look like this:

Seriously, think about how much Iron City you can carry in these things.

And then a pair of wristlets:

The one with the sprinkles might actually already be claimed. The other one is available and I’ll have a little additional stock in the next few days.

Finally, one last thing just to prove that making these things causes nothing but pain:

I’ve seen the needle and the damage done.

That happened. My machines need to join a support group.


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