pattern chop: top.

So I’m trying to get this up before midnight, it’s going to be short and sweet. Special thanks to the Steelers for playing an exciting game that I feel obligated to watch and to yahoo fantasy football for wearing out the “ctrl + R” on my keyboard.

This week I realized that I need to do a little advance planning. I started out with no idea for a craft. Then I had an idea: I felt like knitting and still owe my buddy Andrew a hand knit tie. The first tie was a proper craft fail so I ripped it apart and left it alone for a while. Anyway, I thought the tie was a perfect idea, especially since I just found out that, you know, ’cause Andrew’s super talented and stuff, he’s just gotten a job working on a documentary and won’t be around much for the next long-ever. Then I thought it would be REALLY cool if I could try my hand at double knitting and make him a zebra print tie, based off of this chick’s pretty sweet knitting blog.  Then I looked through all my knitting supplies and only had a few colors to choose from, so I decided to make it baby blue (the original tie color) and peach. This seemed like a good idea.

Wow. What bad lighting I have. Holy moley. Sorry.

It wasn’t. The zebra-print tie is the most time-consuming, least satisfying project I’ve done in a while. Because there’s a pattern, I have to pay attention only to knitting and I can’t say… watch TV while I knit or knit in a bar without taking my computer. I only got about 3 inches done on this thing. Oh, and while I tried to knit at a bar one night, I ruined it and had to pull it all out and start over. So I decided that’s going to be an ongoing project for when I have the flu this winter or something. Andrew, you’re going to get a flu tie. You’re welcome.

That brings us around to today. I had no idea what I’d do. I thought maybe I’d take the opportunity to finish some projects that I had laying around the house. Or repair Trent’s pants. Or pretend I was in a horrific car accident and just couldn’t craft while I was laid up in traction. In a last ditch effort, I sorted through some of my bins of fabric and came across this really soft, sheer, cream colored crepe de chine fabric. It was probably a scrap left over from a skirt lining or something, but it seemed perfect for a simple blouse. ‘Cept that I didn’t have a blouse pattern, but I knew exactly what I could do!

1981. That's right, people made these dresses before I was born. I like to think my mom was wearing this dress when... wait. no I don't.

I’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of this pattern. It’s simple, it’s versatile, I already have it so I don’t have to go buy it when I want to sew something.  I thought I could use the top portion of the pattern only to make a blouse. The top of the pattern is pretty short, on account of the waist, so I added 4.5 inches to the length and 1.5 inches on the arms’ length as well (I find that the look is a little summery, I wanted something I could wear with or without a jacket through the fall).

I moved my "craft kitchen" into the "craft living room" temporarily

I didn’t really take any photos of the construction beyond this point. I don’t have a tripod, so photographing myself sewing is damn near impossible. Which is also why I had to take photos of the shirt on Peggy, and not myself. That and my house was sweltering tonight for some reason and I was too sweaty for the internet to see.

It turned out about 90% as good as I had hoped. I used french seams to prevent the fabric from fraying too much, but it made it just a smidge too tight in the arms. Also, the fabric I was using just doesn’t have the natural stretch of knit, which was what the pattern intends to be used. I would add an inch or so the whole way around this pattern, were I to try this again. The sleeves would look prettier if they were a bit flowier.

Here’s the finished product.

Oh snap, untucked. This shirt is gettin' versatile.

I actually have my plan for next week’s craft and will go shopping tomorrow for the supplies. But, while I’m trying to put together a calendar of my projects ahead of time (so I don’t repeat this week’s headache), I’m open for suggestions. What would you like to see?






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4 responses to “pattern chop: top.

  1. I’d like to see just a regular t-shirt sometime. Regular t-shirts don’t always fit me right, so I’d like to know how to make my own!

    • I’m hoping to buy a serger machine this winter so I can make the fancy seams that are in t-shirts. As soon as I get one, we’ll do a fitting and make you some awesome shit outta jersey.

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