you can lead a horse to joann’s but you can’t make it craft.

So this week is my first official craft and blog fail. I didn’t make a new craft at all and I definitely didn’t blog in time. Things that happened:

Bought the wrong size pattern and couldn’t get back to JoAnn’s in time.

Got a root canal.

Made my first from-scratch macaroni and cheese and some totally bangin’ catfish.

Went to visit Penn State just in time for the shit to hit the perverse fan.

Finished these Electra bags that are already sold and need to get put in the mail:

I suppose the bags could count as a project for the week, but I still had other plans. I was pretty bummed out when I realized that I bought the wrong size pattern, especially since I liked it so well. I stopped at JoAnn’s last night after we got back from State College and, while they still had the pattern in the size I needed, it was on sale when I originally bought it and I didn’t feel like paying full price. So that’ll have to happen next time McCall’s patterns are on sale I guess.

That leads me to now and I’m about to start working on the current week’s project and watching Death Becomes Her. This movie is perfect.

Bruce Willis and Meryl Streep, amirite? So good. And Isabella Rosselini was a pleasant surprise. I’m also a big fan of this scene:

Oh wait, that one isn’t in the movie. People that like this movie just happen to make a lot of weird videos in response. I’ll let you open that can of worms for yourself though.



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