i have a dream(catcher).

“I have a dream that one day, down in Shadyside, with its conveniently located gay bars, with its rich kid college students who double park with no concern about paying the resulting parking tickets or the inconvenience they cause visitors — one day right there in Shadyside, a group of women will join crafting supplies, metaphorically syncing menstruation as crafting sisters. I have a dream today!”

This passage is often omitted from Dr. King’s famous speech, as it has absolutely no relevance to the Civil Rights Movement whatsoever and everyone likes the other parts better. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect he didn’t even write it. Whatever the case, I’m glad we were able to make that dream come true for him (or you know, whoever) this past Monday in honor of his birthday.

Our third craft night was a great success! Kait and Karen were fabulous hostesses, we ate so much delicious food. Baked ricotta, hot wings, salad, fruit and cheese, it was a huge spread. Jodi made some very chocolate chip cookie dip and Hilary trekked out in the rain after class to help rep PPT. We even had a new friend named Heather join us! Stephanie was supposed to come but somebody just had to get emergency back surgery a few days before… According to her, the pain meds made her “too tired” to hang out, I think she’d have made the best dream catcher of them all. It would be catching them as she was making it.

So it turned out that even though some of us have been to summer camp (not me, for sure) none of us actually knew how to make a dream catcher. We found a tutorial here and watched this video several times.

By “watched the video several times” I mean that we would turn it on, make jokes about the crappy music, try to watch it for another couple of seconds, notice something else funny about the video, decide we were ready for more snacks and totally forget what we were supposed to be doing. Then we’d all get stuck and repeat. Then someone new would arrive and we’d set up their supplies and then we’d watch it again. We probably saw the first 2.4 minutes of this thing 15 times total.

It's all fun and games until somebody starts the crafting.

Naturally, given my crafting talents and ambitious nature, I was finished first. It really turned out beautifully:

This is totally the dream catcher that I made, not the one that Jodi made. Cause look how nice it is, definitely mine and not Jodi's.

Poor Jodi’s dream catcher just wasn’t the best I’ve seen. She even used the wrong letters for her name! Chin up, buckaroo.

I know that not everyone can live up to the "Laura R. Greenawalt" standards of crafting, so more than anything, I feel bad for Jodi's failure, not angry at her.

Also, the red splotch on the right there indicates that this string is now a lady. (Or that red dye broke open in my craft box and otherwise there wasn’t enough string to go around.)

Hilary wanted to prove that she's not just good at being pretty but also at tying knots.

Kait's is stupidly perfect. Still needs the tassels, but it looks cool.

This is Heather. She has killed a boar with her bare hands. Somehow this is important training for archaeologists. Her dream catcher is nice, but seriously, a fucking boar.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of Karen’s dream catcher. I’ll have to update another time with that one.

Once we finished up our dream catchers, since we had all the supplies handy, we made a bunch of friendship bracelets. You know, cause we’re 13. We also froze Kait’s bra and stuck Hilary’s hand in warm water so she’d pee her pants. Good times.

I gave my friendship bracelet to Trent cause we're buds.

In life events, I find myself now two weeks into the new job. It’s totally fine. A bit boring, in fact. I have a lot of free time until we start performances. I plan on using it to make this space more personal, more interesting, more hilarious. (I could do an entire post about how utterly inappropriate our conversations are but I fear it would put our department at risk.  Rest assured all references to cats become immediately unrepeatable.) It’s my first weekend at home alone while Trent works and it’s actually a little lonely. I guess I’ll start being one of those people who goes to brunch with friends every weekend. First I have to get friends.

In the meantime, I’ve watched so many movies. I’m currently watching “A Piece of Work,” the Joan Rivers documentary. I’ve been pretty obsessed with her since the episode of Louie with the pity sex. If you aren’t watching Louie, you’re wrong. Check this clip for evidence.

All irreverence aside, this was the first time I’ve ever done something to commemorate MLK day and I’m glad I did. Thanks ladies!



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3 responses to “i have a dream(catcher).

  1. I can’t believe you made dream catchers. I hope that next time you meet you whip up some popsicle stick log cabins.

  2. Brian C Westover

    There is absolutely no archaeological evidence for dreamcatchers before the 1900’s , thanks for adding to fake history, champ.

    • No problemo, Brian C. Westover, (Glenn beck fan and history buff from Utah State University). Sorry I got your britches all in a wad, lover.

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