Decided to take up a challenge posted by one of my favorite (and hopefully very soon, relevant) blogs: Young House Love. The young lady running that show and some of her friends decided that we should not just pin in vain, but craft again! That’s my new motto.


SO. I’m going to jump into the Pinterest challenge myself, by working on the Needlepoint Clutch that I’ve been a bit obsessed with since finding it on PurlBee. Click on the title for the tutorial.

Needlepoint Clutch, via

This means that I need to figure out where all my needlepoint stuff is right now and probably make a trip out to JoAnn’s this weekend.I’m thinking of doing neutral with neon accents, as that seems to be the vogue. I love working with needlepoint btw, and haven’t really done a project since the altogether too-detailed Golden Girls picture. Too bad I never took any photos before I gave it away.

This also means that, while digging out my gear, I’ll probably do a little spring cleaning of my craft supplies. I might be giving away some of my extra crap, I’ll keep you all posted.



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