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not-yo-gramma’s mini skirt.

Based on the ever democratic process of polling my friends on the internets, I threw together this little H&M-inspired mini skirt last week. I’ll be posting a tutorial on this INCREDIBLY simple throw-it-together-in-two-episodes-of-Ancient-Aliens-or-less piece sometime in the next couple of days.

I haven’t blogged about it yet because I’m trying desperately to have a life that doesn’t involve sitting at a computer all day. Which means that, in addition to the skirt, I have made a metric shit ton of other things in the last couple of weeks and just haven’t tossed them up on here yet. I’m actually finishing Christmas presents already while knitting at my desk at work. Yeah, I totally just blew the surprise, but whatever.

I’m back in the vinyl bag business in a big way. Here’s some recent stuff:

This one was a special project for Sloppy Jodes.


Look at that dramatic lighting!

I can’t post a couple of the things I’ve done just yet because they’re for birthday gifts or are waiting on the final touches. I’ll get them up here soon though. Well, I make no promises really. I’m bringing my motorcycle to the city this weekend, so I might never be indoors again. Four wheels is just two too many. LIIIIIVE TO RIIIIIIIIIIIDE!

In addition to not computing outside of the office, I’ve been doing the “tourist in my own city” thing for the last couple of days. I took an absolutely incredible walking tour of Pittsburgh’s Hill District, following Lawrence A. Glasco and Christopher Rawson’s book August Wilson: Pittsburgh Places in his Life and Plays. If you’re from Pittsburgh or intend to visit sometime and care about important things, you should find a copy (try the Carnegie Library Branch in the Hill District, where you can see the stool from Eddie’s Restaurant where August used to hang out) and take the tour. Here’s a great shot from the top of the Hill, with the remains of a funicular (the Penn Avenue Incline) that was removed during a period of not-so-subtle racism.

The incline, removed in 1953, ran to 17th and Penn Ave in the Strip District. Shortly after it’s removal, construction began on the Civic Arena, drawing a distinct line between the Hill and downtown Pittsburgh, further alienating this neighborhood from the rest of the city.

Other miscellany: TORI SPELLING IS STARTING A CRAFTING REALITY SHOW. yesssssssss. How do I get on this?! She’s faboo!




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skirting an issue.

Pretty much the first thing I did today was decide not to shower or get dressed until dinner time. (Thanks fantasy football for making me watch games all day while remaining within arm’s length of the refresh button.) It was great. I thought I would fit blogging in those plans, but it took me until now to get around to it. Check out my previous post (yeah, I just finished that. Double blog post, blowin’ your mind) for some update on the vinyl tote bags and some colorful pics.

Anyway, while procrastinating, I remembered that I love pretty much everything that comes out of Allie over at Hyperbole and a Half. In fact, This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult is pretty much the summation of my day.

So this week’s project was a skirt, from scratch, based on a pattern I found at the BurdaStyle website. The Helena Skirt was cute, simple and best of all available for free. It was also made by a Burda user who happened to be from merry old England. I had this great patterned vintage fabric on hand, a gift from friend, fashion designer and all around hot shit, Kari Kramer.

 Actually, in the time line of what happened in the skirt production, it’s like this photo is from the future. I had already cut it out and started making the button stand before I realized I should have some sweet photos of the texture and pattern. Let’s go back in time to when I downloaded the pattern, printed it, cut it out and laid the pieces out to be cut.

Bollocks, you'll have to print it on A4!

All was moving pretty smoothly. I cut out my pieces, being very conservative with my fabric. It was just the right size. No room for error. I started putting the thing together, it was looking pretty neat. That is, until I got to the pleats. They just didn’t work the way I thought they would. I’ve done pleats before, but the pattern markings had me really confused. In the photos there were 3 pleats on each of the front panels. Using the instructions, I could only get 2, leaving me about 4 inches too long for the waist band. I read about pleats on the internet, I reread the instructions, I looked at the renderings and photos of the skirt. I couldn’t figure that shit out the right way. So I decided fuck it. I am master of my sew-main. I am going to make this skirt however I feel like it and I feel like not doing pleats and just doing a simple gather the whole way around.

So I did that. Then I attached the waist band.

Look how good I am at solving problems!

And then, waistband attached, I tried it on.

The little shit didn’t fit. I made a size 8 (US Size 4), which is usually my size. It was like 1.5 inches too small. I was furious. I had taken one month off of Hot Girl Work Out and hadn’t been riding my bike and I was a whole size larger?! Ridic. I chalk it up to conversion issues. I guess I should know my measurements in inches and centimeters.

It was at this point that I realized I should have one week where my craft is working out and cleaning my house.

Anyway, I solved that problem. I added a small piece to the end of the waistband (remember I had very little left over from my original cuts) and moved on.

Yadda yadda yadda, I did some buttons. They didn’t line up. I redid the buttons. I was ready to wear this thing.

Oh come on.

So I put together a little fall outfit: my skirt, a white top with a bow, fun tights and boots. Trent came upstairs and the exchange went something like this:

Trent probably doesn't say "weird" as much as this suggests.


All things considered, it did look pretty unflattering I guess. Since I wouldn’t take pictures in it, I dressed up Peggy. She has no shame. I still think it’s pretty cute, but I’ll probably take the waist band off and re-do the pleats at some point.

Yeah, I dunno.

This skirt was a bad blow to my ego. I’ll be getting back to the hot girl work out in the morning.

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